life Photographer
My passion for photography began in childhood. My father was a climber, he walked a lot with camera around the Caucasus Range. He told me many enthralling stories about his adventures with people fascinated by nature. Accompanying the stories with his breathtaking pictures of mountains and his friends. He taught me how to handle with Soviet-era camera. Each time the film processing with chemicals in red light was a kind of magic. Every time was really thrillingly to look after the slowly appearing scene at paper in the developing tray.
When I grew up, along with photography, I studied graphic design and I was engaged in design and video presentations for architectural and industrial projects in Moscow for about 15 years, including aerial photography. After that, I graduated the Faculty of Cultural Studies at the Russian State University for the Humanities, and now I continue my scholar trajectory.
I am immersed in the activities of charitable foundations, as well as cultural events. Techno music and related culture coincided with my long-standing bias to industrial photography.
I'm captured by reportage photography. I like to catch living scenes from the real life, people's qualities and merits or just my perception of them, to reveal our nature, without attracting attention to myself.
I love nature, people, books, sports and my occupations.
yours respectfully,
Yury Gubin
visual culture adept

Thank you!
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